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Can the divide get smaller? 25th June 13

A few years before I started college, a fight had occurred in the college coffee lounge. After months of insult and skirmishes between the Asian lads in the motor vehicle department and the white lads from the brick shop, things escalated.

The lads from the brick shop, took lumps of timber and went in to the coffee lounge. On that day, whatever you personal felt about things, your skin colour dictated whose side they thought you were on.

I have always had friends from all nationalities, so the division between the two groups was a cause for concern to me.

I do not want to be judged just because I am white! But because I have many friend with Muslim girls the judgemental looks only got worse, it didn’t help that I was on a course in construction which made me a minority girl among the boys.

So when I had a theory day I wore a salwar kameez bought from the same shops as other asian girls so the only thing out of place on me was the white face.

I was unsure about the reaction I would get either side, I did get some negative or more unsure why I was doing it, but the best thing was that people from both sides asked me why with a smile.

I am not saying that with one act I broke the division, but let’s say that it softened. By the time I left college the divide was not as big, still there, but less.

Part of the problem that led to the coffee lounge incident, was that while the two group traded insults in equal measure, it seemed that only the white lads would get in trouble for making racist remarks. Is it not racist both ways?

This is a problem of inequality, on the other side, and is not restricted to race. If I choose to employ a man over a woman and cannot show paper work to say why, I can be sued for sexism, is it not sexist the other way too?

How many cases of sexism have you seen in favour of the man? So we either live in a society where men are never discriminated against or more likely, men just don’t have a leg to stand on when they are discriminated against because it isn’t recognised.

I could use the same reasoning with many other groups in society, but we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people and we all make mistakes. I just wonder, with the push towards every one wanting there ‘rights’ and less and less tolerance being shown to each other, can we ever hope to hit a balance with which everyone can be happy?

Windy Miller

We all need power. The most common way of getting power is by using up our ever dwindling supply of fossil fuel. A side from the fact that some research tells us that we are damaging our environment, possibly forever, they also cost an arm and a leg.

 The biggest drawback to fusel fuels is the fact that they are limited. Only a fool would put the life of their business in the hands of something limited with no plan for after, we are no fools, right?

So we put up wind turbines. Not everyone likes them, no one wants them in their back yard but ever one agrees that we are not fools; we have to redress the energy problem.

 So we put them on the moors, so that they are away from people’s homes, but them they complain that they spoil the landscape. Do wind mills in Holland spoil the landscape, I would argue that they are an asset, but at the time they were built some properly felt that they looked horrid.

 I know our wind mills are not exactly the picture perfect examples that we know from child hood from cartoons like Trumpton , but they are in there own way very elegant.

 They don’t fly round in a blur, they gentle drift round almost looking like they are resting, one would wonder if they generate any thing at that speed, but when you look in to it, it is surprising.

 The bottom line is that they are big hunks of mettle suck on our hills, but what they represent is clean energy. There are argument about the pollution generated in there manufacture, but is it not worth celebrating the fact that we are trying to find a better way.

The club 11th June 13

I have recently become acquainted with a foot ball club called Bacup & Rossendale borough. They are to third highest in the country, altitude that is. They have a fantastic manager and the fan base is good too. I am now helping them develop, the thing that they want, is sponsors.

If you have read my blog before, you will know that I speak as I find. This is a club that has become of interest to me because it the oldest and last semi professional club in to valley. It was started in 1875, and out of the three this is the last man standing so to speak.

Why am I talking about this? Because I feel very strongly that this little club need to be preserved. We preserve things that are unique, we list arts and craft building that are younger than this club because they are a part of our heritage, part of what makes us who we are. For me this club is part of what makes the valley special, it is the last of its kind, and it would be wrong to let it die due to lack of funds.

So does anyone agree with me? Does anyone what to keep this hub of the community alive? Then become a sponsor, from £100 to sponsor a wall mural, you can say to the world “this maters!” Your name will also be there for all to see, which would be a good thing for any business.  

Foot Paths 22nd May 13


If you are a keen rambler, you will probably hate me from this point on. Foot paths originally can about because people walked to work, so instead of walking all the way round a hill they would ask the land owner if they could cut across their ground. The very kind land owner would say yes and a public foot path is born. Move forward a hundred years or so and now you have people demanding there ‘rights’ to walk these paths or even worse to walk were ever they choose.

The point I am getting at is that these paths only exists because some nice person GAVE them, they were never paid for. If a path devalues your home you are not compensated, and yet more and more is being called for all the time. In this world, nothing is for free; if you want the right to have or do something you have to pay for it.

No one would go the planning department for the right to build a house and expect it to be free. I have to put up with thing like a running group who run past my front door at seven or eight o’clock, this would be fine in summer with the lighter nights but no, December in the dark in the middle of winter right past all our dog who then (because they have been startled) take ages to stop barking which keeps us awake at a time when we really need our sleep.

You may think from my rant that I hate walkers, but you would be wrong. I enjoy seeing people enjoy the same views that I have and I feel very privilege to have them. I object to the big groups of ramblers that never speak, that look at me like I am the dirt on their shoe, that campaign for their ‘rights’. Tell me what rights do you think you should have? Do I have the right to walk through your back garden and stare through your windows? Your garden is you private space and my home is private to me.

So next time you see a farmer remember that you are a guest on their land, remember that a farmer doesn’t get paid for the grass that you flatten in the hay meadow because you have walked across it, he doesn’t get paid to maintain stiles or fences that get broken when you climb over them.

So, when you enjoy the country on someone else’s property, smile and say hello and then at least he will know that you are enjoying his garden, for me this is payment enough.

Snow again 27th April 13

I could hardly belive my eyes when I woke up this morning. Snow on the ground. Even the sheep were complaining, I awoke at 6am to the sound of them all calling out on the frount medow, ‘whats with the snow’ or may be it was ‘please feed me now’. Any way we got up and feed, at you can see from the photos it looks like a seen from January not the end of April. It has given me chance to try out puting photos on this blog, I now know how to do it yip pee!  


‘were’s my dinner’

'were's my dinner'


‘whats with the long face!’

'whats with the long face!'